The Use of video on the internet is set to explode, particularly online retailers, we know we talk to many of you our best advice is to look into web video, product video, landing page videos and company profile video. I say this because your competitors are all thinking about it, we know because of the amount of enquiries we get.
The reason is simple – video works, it engages people and one video is worth a thousand words. We want to see what we are buying, sure we want to read reviews and testimonials and we want to see the price, but we also want to wallow and immerse ourselves in what we are about to receive.

Web video isn’t complicated but it is easy to get wrong. You can put off people faster than any text if you get it wrong. Surfers don’t expect to watch a short documentary when they ship, most people decide to carry on watching within the first 10 seconds of the video. Get them over that 10 seconds and they are far more likely to buy then any other means of selling your products on the net.

We have built this site to help people gain entry to the web video market. Specifically Retail Web video, or product videos, the actually clips that sell and show case your product. Video also can help brand your site, you can fill your site with the personality of your own salesmanship. Landing page video or company profiles can build a trust relationship with a customer far more than text or static photos. You can have your sales team or customer care team actually talk speak to customers about FAQ’s, the returns policy etc, it humanises the whole process. Clients of ours who use vide experience a massive drop in returns, the back breaker of so many online retail operations.

On this site over the next few weeks a invaluable reference of how to’s, advice and examples will grow, so do bookmark us add your self to our newsletter. YOu will understand video more and how you can use it to improve your conversion rates. Lets face it retail is hard at the moment, who wouldn’t want some help making it better?

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